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Local Upcoming Events, Live Music, Theatre

Get all the best local upcoming events, local entertainment, live music, theatre, and concerts all in one place! Southern Oregon Live is one of the most visited sites in Southern Oregon because we boast an impressive list of quality local upcoming events from Redding to Roseburg, and the coast to Klamath Falls. Best of all, our site is fully mobile so you can find the best of what to do wherever you are. Whether you like local bands to nationally renowned musicians, or visiting some of the top regional theaters and venues, we list the best local events from many of the top entertainment venues around. Click the All Events tab above and to see events from Oregon Cabaret, Britt Festival concerts, OSF Oregon Shakespeare Festival plays, Seven Feathers Casino Resort Entertainment, Jackson County Expo, Douglas County Fairgrounds, and so many more.

TOP 18 | Current & Upcoming Events

23 Oct

FREE Grateful Dead Jam | Live Music Concert at the Hi-Fi Music Hall | Eugenerecurrences

HiFi Music Hall, East 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR, United States

10/23/2016 To 05/28/2017

7:00 pm To 12:20 pm

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25 Oct

Free Reggae Nights at Hi-Fi Music Hall Hosted by Sol Seed | Eugenerecurrences

HiFi Music Hall, East 7th Avenue, Eugene, OR, United States

10/25/2016 To 05/30/2017

9:00 pm To 12:20 pm

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01 Nov

Free Line Dance Lessons @ The Rocky Tonk | Upcoming Local Events | Medfordrecurrences

333 East Main Street, Medford, Oregon, United States

11/01/2016 To 11/03/2017

7:00 pm To 12:20 pm

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04 Nov

Chadwicks Comedy Night | Local Upcoming Events | Medford Eventsrecurrences

Chadwicks Pub & Sports Bar, Biddle Road, Medford, OR, United States

11/04/2016 To 11/10/2017

9:00 pm To 11:00 pm

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05 Nov

Grants Pass Winter Growers Market | Local Upcoming Eventsrecurrences

Josephine County Fairgrounds, Fairgrounds Road, Grants Pass, OR, United States

11/05/2016 To 03/11/2017

9:00 am To 1:00 pm

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